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The Joystick Control Panel

Dealing with JSON can sometimes be a pain, especially for less technically fluent team members. At Joystick, part of our core philosophy is to allow you to get more team members engaged with evolving and adapting your app, game or system.

Core Concepts

The Joystick Control Panel enables you to quickly and easily create a user-friendly interface for all or part of a piece of configuration content. Team members then do not have to touch the underlying JSON to update the content. There are three keep components.

Item Definition
Configuration Content This is your JSON content that is managed within Joystick and will be delivered when requested via API.
Control Panel Declaration A declaration you make in your Configuration Content to indicate a part you want to create a control panel around.
Control Panel Form The Control Panel Form is the simple interface you can use to modify part or all of your Configuration Content.
Control Panel Schema The Control Panel Schema defines how your Control Panel Form is setup.

Building Your Panel

Step 1: Make your Control Panel declarations

Let's work through a simple example of a list of movies.

      "title": "",
      "length": 123,
      "year": 2020,
      "tags": ["funny", "action"]

Step 2: Create the Control Panel

Using Your Panel

Control Panel Schema and Advanced Options


Text Areas



Custom labels for true/false toggle


Labeling your array items


Other Options

Disabling Inputs