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Joystick - Modern Remote Configuration Platform

Joystick is a modern remote configuration & dynamic content platform that allows you to make hot-updates to apps, games and systems without the overhead of code changes. Our mission is to empower teams to build and operate products more effectively, then iterate faster. Update anything, anywhere. Instantly.

Diagram comparing traditional process vs. using Joystick

Take minutes to do what traditionally would take days or weeks. There is a high cost in time and resources when change code. Joystick allows you to make changes to your app or game without code changes, builds or waiting for app store approvals.

Decouple and externalized configurations so updates to your app or game can happen in minutes, rather than wait days or weeks for code changes, builds and app store approvals..

Joystick Platform

Supported Features

  • 📝 Full JSON: Go beyond feature flags. Use full JSON remote configs for content, data, flags or parameters. Learn More
  • 🔠 Any Config Format: Any string format including JSON, XML, YAML, INI, plain text and more. Learn More
  • 📂 Asset Management: Manage images, Unity asset bundles, etc, serve over CDN, and use them directly within configs. Learn More
  • 🗄 Multiple Environments: natively multi-environment with easy to use sync, diff & merge tools. Learn More
  • 🎯 Segmentation: Deliver different parameters depending on any custom segmentation. Learn More
  • 🆎 AB Testing: AB test any parameter with consistent user bucketing across multiple tests. Learn More
  • ⏳ Staged or Canary Deployments: Rollout changes over time in increments as small as 0.1% of audience.
  • ⏰️ Scheduled Changes: Schedule content updates so you don't have to constantly manually make changes at a particular hour.
  • ⚙️ Variables and Params: Store and instantly update any parameters for your game or app.
  • 🚩 Classic Feature Flags: Simple feature flag configs to turn things on or off. Learn More
  • ↩️ Automatic Revision History: Keep a history of changes and audit log; and instantly revert back to previous versions.
  • 🔒 Schema Protection: Protect your configs with schemas to ensure you do not get bad inputs. Learn More
  • 🔀 2-Way & 3-Way Merge: Easily merge multiple changes. Learn More
  • 🔗 Webhooks: Integrate with other services, Slack, Discord and more. Learn More
  • 🔢 Google Sheets Integration: One-click from Google Sheets to JSON Configs for easy updates. Learn More
  • 👥 Permissions and Access Control: Protect your critical configs and production environments. Learn More
  • 📱 SDKs for Remote Config: Unity, Csharp, Javascript/Typescript, PHP, Python, Unreal Engine. Learn More

Instant, Safe Updates Without Code Changes

Remote Configuration Diagram

"The speed of learning and evolution is the primary factor of competitiveness and success."

Joystick was built from the frustration of having to wait days or weeks for code merges, builds and deploys to make changes to apps and games. It is now a full operations platform that the whole team can use. Changes go live instantly and are served at scale.

Get Started in 3 Steps

1. Create a Config

Add Configuration

Enter any valid JSON config. We do not restrict you to simple key:value pairs. The config you create is instantly available over API. Any subsequent edits you make are instantly available. We keep a full history of revisions that you can revert to with one click.

Configuration Content Viewer

2. Create an API Key

An API Key allows you to get your content from an environment.

Create API Key

3. Get Config in Your App or Game

We have SDKs!

We have SDKs for Javascript, Unity, Python and more. See our SDKs!.

With your API in hand, you are ready to get your config over REST API.


End Point


Replace the :contentId indicated with the Config ContentId you created (If you are following the example, the ContentId is simply "greetings"). The :contentId is not case sensitive.

Header Value Required Notes
Content-Type application/json Yes
X-Api-Key Your API Key Yes The API key created in previous step.


Request body should be JSON and cannot be empty.
    "u": "",
    "p": {}
curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'X-Api-Key: YOUR-API-KEY' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{"u": "", "p": {}}'



Your content is returned as the "data" object in the response body. The additional parameters are for segmentation and ab testing; they can be optionally turned off. Take a look at our API Reference for other options.

        "greeting": "Hello, world!"
    "hash": "2277e0d4",
        "uid": 0, "mod": 0, "seg": []

Platform / Language Support

Type Platform Support Link
API Direct RESTful API Rest API
Game Engines Unity 3D Unity SDK
Unreal Engine Unreal SDK
Godot Godot SDK
Scripting Javascript Javascript SDK
Typescript Typescript SDK
Python Python SDK
Web / Server-side PHP PHP SDK
Java Java SDK

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Supercharge Your Team

Manage all of your configurations in one place, and access them from your application or game with one easy-to-use REST API.

  • No per-seat charges: We think the entire team should be involved and do not have a "per-seat" charge.
  • Natively multi-environment: Joystick is natively multi-environment. Create as many as you need for your team and workflow.
  • Painless distribution at scale: Joystick edge-caches your remote configs so they are available on-demand with low latency.
  • Experiment all you want: Any config managed in Joystick can be easily segmented and ab-tested.
  • Safe updates: Schemas help you protect the integrity of your configs and ensure you do not get bad inputs.
  • Advanced workflow management: Multi-config change review, revision history, advanced cross-environment sync tools, granular permissions and more.
  • Integrations: Webhooks, Approved Google Sheets™ -> Joystick Add-on, APIs for you to update configs and more...

What's Next?

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