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Why Use Remote Configs?

App and game teams at any scales should adopt remote configs. Incorporating a well-designed configuration platform creates 10x benefits for your entire team and product.

Configuration Management Diagram

  • Empower your team to iterate and evolve your app, game or system at the speed of thought.
  • Reduce burden on your engineering team so they can focus on delivering features.
  • Easily AB test or segment any part of your app, game or system.
  • Extract out dynamic elements from your code base and manage a single source of truth elegantly in Joystick.
  • No more Excel sheets and CSVs flying around emails and Slack!

What is Dynamic Remote Configuration?

Dynamic remote configuration means separating the configurable elements of your app or game from the code base, then being able hot-update parameters without code changes, commits or builds. It is a powerful practice for game and app developers to adopt. With remote configuration, teams can instantly adjust various aspects of their game or app, such as the user interface, game parameters, offers, pricing, live-events and content, without having to make code changes then push a new update to the app store.

  • Increased Agility: Quickly and easily make changes to your game or app without the need for a full update. Respond to user feedback, provide fresh content and quickly adapt to changing needs. Continuously improve and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Reduce Development Time and Cost, Improve Time to Market: By avoiding the need for full updates, remote configuration reduces the costs associated with app development and live-operations. Additionally you can tune various aspects of your game or app quickly, including offers, game mechanics, pricing and more.

  • Improve Retention: Provide fresh content faster and quicker. Refine and test the user experience without requiring a code change.

What are the benefits of using Joystick?

Joystick is built by a team who have been in the trenches operating enterprise products and consumer games serving millions of players. We understand first-hand the demands of product, engineering and game live-operations.

  • Test, iterate and operate your product 10x faster: As soon as you have an insight, you can make a hot-update to your app, game or system without delay. Reduce the expense and hours associated with long build-deploy processes.
  • Organize all remote configs behind one REST API: All of the configurable components of your app can be managed and version-controlled in one place, not buried in the code base, Excel sheets or databases. There is more transparency in changes. More of your team can be involved in operations while reducing the burden on your engineering team.
  • Provide segmented and individualized experiences: With Joystick, it is very easy to create precision AB tests, feature flags or setup segmented and tailored experiences for your audience.
  • Adopt data-driven and machine-learning methods: Our APIs allow you to programmatically update your configurations. The sky is the limit on what you can do.

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