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Integration | Joystick for Google Sheets™ Installation

Setting Up the Add-on

1. Install the Joystick for Google Sheets™ Add-on

Visit the Joystick for Google Sheets™ listing on Google Workspace Marketplace, and click "Install".

Install Joystick for Google Sheets

2. Allow Access

Our add-on was reviewed for functionality and permissions by the Google team prior to approval for listing. Joystick for Google Sheets™ asks for two permissions:

  1. View (read only) of the Google Sheets™ documents you use with the add-on. We cannot access other Google Sheets, or anything else in your Google Drive.
  2. Make a call to an external service (getjoystick.com domains only) to push JSON into. The add-on only sends the data that has been defined in the data transform definition by you. It does not look at or access any other part of your Google Sheets™ document.

Allow Access

3. Launch the Add-on

Navigate over to any Google Sheets™ document you would like to use; you should see the Add-on icon on the right-side rail. Click it to launch Joystick for Google Sheets™.

Launch the Add-on

Let's go!

Now you have the add-on installed, let's go set it up and use it.