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About Joystick

Joystick is a modern remote configuration management platform. Boost your app or game with real-time adaptability to increase engagement and retention. Iterate instantly, run ab tests seamlessly, and keep your audience captivated with Joystick. Transform the way you build and operate your app or game.

Joystick puts dynamic content and remote configs at your finger-tips with modern tools to manage versioning, multiple environments, schema protection, webhooks, change review, permissions, and much more.

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Don’t settle for waiting. Make changes and see it live in your app or game within seconds.

  • Push changes live instantly and safely without code merges, builds and deploys.
  • Go beyond simple key:value pairs or feature flagging; use full JSON configs of any complexity.
  • Segmentation with custom attributes and AB testing down to 0.1% audience.
  • One REST API or easy to use (open source) SDKs for all of the remote config content of your app or game.
  • Organize, update and sync dynamic remote configs across multiple environments.
  • A full suite of Webhooks and APIs enable notifications, transparency and workflow integrations.

Use Cases

  • Instant Content Updates: update any content in your app or game without app store deployment.
  • Game live-ops: update game features, events, optimize pricing, and more in real-time.
  • User targeting and segmentation: provide differentiated content based location, language, or any custom attribute.
  • A/B Testing: instantly deploy and test impact of changes on your audience.
  • Localization: update copy and content in multiple languages without code changes.
  • Feature flagging: enable/disable features in your app or game.

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