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Change Log - Joystick - Dynamic Application and Remote Configuration Platform


  • 2-way & 3-way Merge Editor: Merge JSON configurations across different environments and/or versions. Learn more.

    Merge Editor


  • From the Organization Settings page, the asset storge usage for the entire org can be seen.


  • Asset Management: Upload and manage image, video and other assets in Joystick. Learn more.


  • Support for Any Config Format: Supporting XML, INI, YAML and any plain-text configuration format. Learn more.


  • More Responsive UI: Support for iPad screen width so you can use Joystick on-the-go.


  • Developer Tools: Download the config from "Developer Tools" with one click.

    Developer Tools

  • Various behind the scene improvements to both client and backend.


  • Developer Tools: For any config, generate JSON Schema, csharp class or a typescript interface with one click.

    Developer Tools

  • Multi-version Archive: Select then archive multiple co nfig versions at the same time. Previously, you had to archive old versions you may not want one-by-one. This helps keep your revision history clean!

    Archive Multiple Versions

  • Improved Webhooks: Improved Webhooks with more data fields to trigger notifications or downstream workflows when configs are updated or environments synced. This helps integrate with Discord, Slack or other webhook consuming services. We provide templates for both Slack and Discord messaging.


  • New users will have a default Organization, Product and three Environments created.


  • API usage can be viewed on the Organization page with drill-downs for each Product and Environment.
  • API usage metrics visible on Environment cards.

0.10.1 - 0.10.5

  • Various behind the scene improvements to both client and backend.


  • Version Stable Content Delivery: Maintain and deliver backward compatible revisions of configurations.

0.9.1 - 0.9.2

  • Various improvements.


  • Environment-Level User Permissions: Permissions to an environment can be set for individual users as Editor or Viewer.


  • Organizations: Organizations added to the hierarchy. An organization contains multiple products. Permissions can be set.


  • Organizations Added: Organizations added to the hierarchy. An Organization contains multiple products. Permissions can be set for each member of the Organization.


  • Various improvements.


  • Protected Environments: Environments can be set to be protected so content has to be reviewed before being promoted in.


  • Enhancement to Dynamic Content expression functionality so we can handle checking an array of items for a match.


  • Push Requests: Team members can review changes before pushing between environments.
  • UI 2.0: Completely refreshed UI/UX. Easier to use, more intuitive, and more performant.


  • Webhooks: Trigger calls out out to 3rd party services, Slack/Discord, or your own CI/CD pipeline when configs are changed. Learn more.


  • Feature Groups: Create feature groups to easily perform group actions on sub-sets of configs.


  • Environment Sync Tool: Easily manage pushing configs between environments.


  • Quick search: use ctrl + g / cmd + g when you are in any folder to bring up quick search.


  • Custom highlighting in editor for Joystick syntax for Dynamic Link Keys and Control Panel.
  • Improved Dynamic Content
  • Quick search: when in folder view, hit cmd/ctrl-g to bring up the quick search!


  • Schema Validation: Prevent incorrect input by using JSON Schema to validate configurations when saving. Learn more.


  • Control Panel / Visual Form: Automatically generate no-code visual forms for any configuration content.


  • Configuration Management and Delivery Core