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Dynamic Content | Key Concepts

Joystick has a powerful Dynamic Content layer that empowers your team to optimize and operate your product using segmentation and ab testing on any remote config.

What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic Content Schematic

Joystick Dynamic Content enables transforms on any value in your remote config based on the user parameters sent with the request. You can use it for simple segmentation, ab testing, or create in-depth business rule sets that individually tailors the experience.

When you request a config from Joystick, you can attach meta data on the request body. This attached meta-data can then be use within rule sets to transform/modify individual values, objects and arrays within your configuration, giving you granular control.

Dynamic Content Schematic

Different request bodies can generate different responses based on segmentation or ab testing rules.

Use Cases

Dynamic remote config content can help you in many different scenarios:

  • Create differentiated pricing for your customers based on a variety of factors and features.
  • Present different content to your audience depending on where they are located.
  • AB test a new feature or content.
  • Staged rollout of a feature slowly.

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